HockeyShot Sharpshooter Targets

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849,00 kr

The new Sharpshooter Targets from HockeyShot are made from rubber, giving them less distracting shine and a way better “pop” when they’re hit! You’ll get audio validation of your sniping prowess and work hard to get it again…because it’s pretty awesome. Three targets come in each pack, connected by bungee cord that you can stretch across a net or wall any way you see fit. Become the prolific goal scorer you dreamed about. That’s the benefit of having Sharpshooter Targets in your bag of tools!

Product Features:

  • 3 targets are included in a set.
  • Targets are easily adjustable along the bungee.
  • High quality rubber and cord materials can take shots up to 90 MPH.
  • Improved target design provides superior “pop” sound to validate accuracy.
  • Set them up however you want.
  • Weather resistant and waterproof design, use in any temperature.
  • Install multiple sets for more advanced drills.
  • Durable rubber construction offers no distracting shine.
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