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Sparx ES100


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For teams and small business that need a low cost sharpening solution or for small businesses looking to improve on their existing operations to drive revenue growth. Low capital costs combined with a user-friendly design make the ES100 the perfect skate sharpening solution for teams, low volume retailers, or any retailer looking to supplement their existing skate sharpening operation. It takes about 5 minutes to sharpen a pair of skates. Quickly switch between skates (player and goalie) and hollows without alignment adjustment. Choose from more than 16 hollow options and change them out in seconds. Increase your productivity by multi-tasking while you sharpen. Travel teams can take the ES100 on the road and be set up in minutes and get the same skate sharpening feel as you get at home. Last but not least, the ES100 is consistent, accurate, clean and safe! 

Precision. Every time.
The patented alignment system provides the most accurate skate sharpening you'll get anywhere. Period.

Sharpening, simplified.
Sharpen your skates easily, safely, and cleanly in 3 simple steps. Spend less time sharpening, and more time skating.

In home. On demand.
Have you ever needed a sharpening when the shop wasn't open, your favorite guy wasn't working, or there were a half-dozen pairs of skates ahead of you? With Sparx, sharpen on your time.

Every Sparx™ grinding ring will last the average user 60 skate pair sharpenings.

What's in the box?
Alignment ring, optical alignment tool, grinding ring of your choice, youth skate adapters, goalie risers, power cord, honing stone and leather strop.

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English Hockey Fanatic skrev:
I waited for over a year for Sparx to partner with a European distributor, and as soon as they became available, I ordered one for home use. It’s not cheap but I am sick of travelling 25 miles each way for a good sharpen. Yes there are sharpeners nearer home, but they cannot be trusted to get level edges.

I was surprised at how big and heavy the box was when it arrived. It took me 30 minutes to unpack, align and sharpen my skates. The edges were good but not perfect, out by maybe 1/1000”. A few days layer I made a couple of tweaks to the alignment knob, and tried 3 more passes on my blades. The edges were perfect, front, back and middle, according to my BAT gauge. They felt great on the ice, faultless, lovely bite.

The machine looks very well made, it is very solid, beautifully finished, and very easy to use. There is a proper paper manual, nice and easy to follow. The optical alignment tool works well, and got me edges that were good enough, and better than most shops can do in my experience. I then did a few trial and error adjustments of the alignment wheel until my BAT gauge indicated that the edges were perfect. A BAT gauge isn’t essential, but I do recommend owning one. (Mine was bought on eBay from Canada, and has been checked against Sparx and Blademaster gauges.) My unit is sat in my spare room, with my hockey gear, and it creates no mess at all as it is self enclosed.

For me this unit is more convenient and provides a better sharpen that most shops. When I replaced my last blades, I discovered that they were almost flat. Repeated hand sharpening had destroyed the profile. The Sparx preserves the profile (or at least that is the claim) as the pressure of the wheel on the blade is consistent throughout the cut. What’s more, I can give my skates one pass before each skate to make sure they are perfect. I believe Sparx recommend four passes for a full sharpen, but I suspect you only need that if the blades have nicks, or you are changing the hollow, or correcting a bad grind from a shop. .

The big unknown with this machine is how long it will last. I have yet to see any online reports of failed units, but there is certainly more to go wrong than with a traditional grinding machine, such as a Wissota. It does look very well made, which suggests it will last many years when used by a typical home user.

I suppose we could moan that we pay significantly more than North Americans for the product, but hey ho, we have to pay VAT and shipping from the US to the European distributor.

Recommended. . Skrevs den 2019-02-25