PadSkinz are completely removable however, it is a lengthy process and not an easy process, due to the adhesive we use. We need to use this particular adhesive to maintain our flexibility, light weight and adhesion properties. You purchased our product because you wanted it to stick, not come off easily.  Of course, if you’re just going to put more PadSkinz on top of the remaining adhesive then a complete adhesive removal is not necessary. The directions below are for a complete removal and return to the original look of the pad. Please always check back here for the latest removal instructions. Time and patience is required here.

1. Dig your fingernail under a corner of the PadSkinz material and peel the material slowly. Once you’ve peeled it all off, keep it, as you may need it to help with removal.
2. Once the material is removed, you’ll have some adhesive still on the equipment. Starting at one end of the pad, use your thumb or finger to push the adhesive in one direction. This will cause the adhesive to roll as you push it. A GENTLE HEAT IS NOW RECOMMENDED. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting to heat the adhesive BRIEFLY and this will help it roll itself up easier. BE CAREFUL not to make it hot to the touch though, as you may burn your fingers when you try to roll it. GENTLE heat is all that’s required. You can use the sticky side of the PadSkinz material that you just pulled off, to dab the remaining adhesive on your equipment as well. This will pull the remaining adhesive off of the pad, as it sticks to itself extremely well. Continue this entire process until ALL of the adhesive has been removed.
3. Once ALL of the adhesive has been removed, the area may feel quite sticky. To remove this remaining stickiness, you will need Mineral Spirits. It can be found at most hardware stores but is poisonous and can cause harm to your equipment. If you are not an adult, please consult with an adult before using Mineral Spirits and follow any product warnings. Citrus cleaners do not work. Do not use this until you’ve removed as much adhesive as possible! Once the Mineral Spirits touch the adhesive, it won’t roll onto itself and will be more difficult to remove.
4. ***Great caution should be used here.*** Use Mineral Spirits in a well ventilated area. Dampen a quarter sized spot on a clean rag with Mineral Spirits (never pour directly on equipment) and VERY GENTLY rub the sticky area with the rag. If you rub the area with some force, it will damage your equipment. This is why you need to apply it VERY GENTLY. Once you start to VERY GENTLY rub the stickiness, you’ll see and feel it start to come off. You can use your fingernail GENTLY to scrape any remaining bits. Continue until all the stickiness is removed.
5. When the stickiness is gone, please wash any exposed skin with soap and water, as well as ALL areas of the equipment with soap and water that were exposed to the Mineral Spirits. Towel dry after washing.



- If you’re applying PadSkinz to the outer vertical roll on your pads, it’s best to start with the front face of the outer roll. Flatten it down to the face of the outer roll first, then fold the sides straight down. When working with corners, make a 1 inch cut along the fold in the material in each corner. This will allow you to fold one side over the other to make a nice seam on each corner.
- Wherever there is a “break” or fold in the pads or gloves, make a break in the PadSkinz as well, For example, don’t try to use one piece to go over the knee rolls, use separate pieces for each roll.
- Masking or Painter’s Tape is an even better alternative than tracing paper. It doesn’t move!