Målvaktskombinat Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Sr.

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4 499,00 kr

5 999,00 kr

Brand new for 2019, Warrior Goalie has manufactured their next installment of the Ritual Chest Protectors. Building on their previous Ritual GT model, there are new key improvements to make the Warrior GT2 Pro Senior Chest Protector even better.

Looking at the Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector, Warrior has kept their super lightweight and balanced design throughout the entire chest protector. Warrior has redesigned the overall profile of the Ritual GT2 Pro Chest and Arms in comparison to the previous GT model. Physically, the new profile and construction offer more mobility to the overall unit while keeping the goalie protected.

Moving to the chest portion of the Warrior GT2 Pro Chest and Arm, Warrior has redesigned the shoulder shape to decrease helmet interference when looking around in all directions. Warrior has also changed the chest block design on the chest for mid chest shots by adding their HyperComp material in key areas to reinforce and provide superior protection. HyperComp is a proprietary material which will help increase protection while reducing weight.

Moving toward the arm construction of Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Chest and Arm Protector, Warrior Goalie redesigned the biceps which have been changed to a squared bicep shape for maximized coverage to help prevent shots from getting through the goaltender’s side holes. Warrior has also included all new double shield front elbow floaters. These elbow floaters sit tighter to the goaltender’s arms more than the previous Ritual GT model, allowing for a better feel to the overall mobility. Lastly for the arms, Warrior has kept their laced in arm construction and adjustable arm straps to allow the goaltender to adjust the fit of the Ritual GT2 Chest Protector to their specific needs. Lastly, the backplate design has a similar construction to the previous GT model, where the shoulders, backplate and neck are all adjustable for the goaltenders exact preference.

Compared to the GT2 Senior Chest & Arm Protector, the GT2 Pro will feature higher grade HD foams, HyperComp material and provide more overall protection.

If you are an elite-level goalie who wants and lightweight, protective, adjustable and mobile chest protector, the Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector is the unit for you.

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