Brand new for 2018, Warrior Sports has unveiled their fourth iteration of the Ritual line dating all the way back to the Ritual G1 which debuted in 2012. Building off of the massive success of the G3, the G4 is built to bring ultimate performance, function and durability all while being the lightest gear on the market.

Starting with the visual look, the G4 Junior has a new size which provides more blocking surface for the younger goalie all while providing great wrist protection and mobility to make key saves. Internally, the G4 blocker comes with specific foams all throughout to provide ample protection for the younger goalie.

The G4 Youth has a crisp look due to the specific graphic on the blocker. This design is surrounded with a traditional binding which creates a clean visual presentation to the shooter. Also, the sidewall and index finger protection will also come with traditional binding.

Adding in specific designs for younger goalies, there is now a new finger guard to aid in proper mobility for young goalies. This new design is coined the Easy Flex finger protection which envelopes the goalies hand without hindering movement.

If you are a younger goalie who is looking for the lightest blocker on the market, coupled with better wrist movement and index finger protection, the Warrior Ritual G4 Youth is the blocker for you.

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