Klubba CCM Ultra Tacks Team Grip Sr.


450 Gram


Ultra ATTACKFRAME™ - Ett superlätt blad med hög vrid- och böjstyvhet för ett mer exakt skott


Fullständigt grepp med strategiskt placerad struktur för bättre känsla och kontroll


Mid-Kick ger bra pop i alla skott och enkelt att kontrollera passningar


F Gemoetry - ett mindre skaft för utmärkt grepp och prestanda

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Nils Even skrev:
about year ago i bought the ccm tacks, fell in love With it and never looked back. then CCM released the Ultra tacks, i need a new stick and in september i bought the Ultra tacks team. whenever anyone ask what model it is, i tell them ultra tacks. I can`t bother explaining what the ¨team¨ part is all about, beacuse its such a minor diffrence. September-December i had my first Ultra tacks, yes i broke it. So in early january i got my new Ultra tacks, once again it was a Team. Now over to why i love this stick. firstly, im a tall guy, but im not muscular, i have a 75 flex and the 77 flex in bauer is to short for my preference. So not only has it a lower flex, but its also taller and thats great. The stick is light, not the lightest but light enough for me. the shaft is nothing fancy, the grip on the stick sits pretty great in the hands. Slapperss, wristers snappers everything Works Wonders. stickhandling With it is a dream, and poke checking Works great since its so long.but there will always be some minor cons. firstly the sticks blade tend to wear Down pretty fast, small chips occures every now and then.

The overall look and feel of the stick for me is just fantastic, the Bright yellow along With the grey and black Works Perfect. i would definetly give it a 6/6, no doubt.. Skrevs den 2016-02-18