Skulderskydd Warrior Alpha DX Sr.

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799,50 kr

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799,50 kr

1 599,00 kr

Brand new for the 2019-2020 season are the Alpha DX Senior Shoulder Pads from Warrior Hockey! These pads look to incorporate the latest upgrades from Warrior creating their most protective, mobile, and lightweight set of shoulder pads to date!

To achieve this, Warrior used their Dynamic caps for the shoulders! This new low-profile design provides a sleep look and feel that is lightweight all while maintaining pro-level protection and mobility!

Continuing the build of the Warrior Alpha DX Shoulder Pads, they feature what is known as the DX shell. This compressed molded-EVA foam is surrounded by Warrior’s unique Skin Shell Texture! This is used in high-impact areas, such as the upper-biceps, and the lower front portion of the pads, right around the ribcage area, to provide superior protection against direct impacts like stick checks or blocked shots.

Keeping everything secured are the 2-timer straps. These straps are length-adjustable allowing players to ensure a proper fit every time!

A vented internal jacket, known as the Dynamic ventilation, incorporated into the two-piece sternum pad keeps players cool, light, and mobile while out on the ice. Throughout the entirety of the pads, the Alpha DX Shoulder Pads feature Warrior’s WarTech FNC liner. This strike-yellow liner is powered by a polygene substance that helps keep players dry and clean, and your pads odor-free!

If you are an elite-level player looking for a set of shoulder pads that are low-profile and lightweight, but also highly protective and comfortable, look no further than the Warrior Alpha DX Senior Shoulder Pads!

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Storleksguide Skulderskydd Warrior
            Storlek            Längd (cm)
X-Small 152 - 165
Small 163 - 175
Medium 168 - 183
Large 175 - 188 (lägre volym än X-Large)
X-Large 175 - 188
Storlek Längd (cm)
Small 152 - 165 (lägre volym än Medium)
Medium 152 - 165 (lägre volym än Large)
Large 152 - 165
Storlek Längd (cm)
Small/Medium 99 - 124
Large/X-Large 111 - 135

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