The all-new 2018 A4.5 SBP stick is made TRUE for any level of player looking for the perfect combination of performance, durability and affordability. With its new and improved BRT+ blade technology, weight has been redistributed throughout the stick’s shaft for extreme impact strength and overall durability.

This, combined with TRUE’s signature Axenic and SmartPly Technology, produces a playing experience unmatched by any other.

Player Profile
Designed for all types of players who are looking for performance, balance and strength.

Kick Point / Flex Profile
Constant Flex technology- Mid -Low kick

Shaft Construction
Axenic technology combined with SmartPly technology

Shaft Geometry
Traditional with concave walls

Shaft Coating
Light matte grip

Shaft Taper
Slight, Gradual

Blade Core
Foam core with BRT+ Technology. Seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade

Blade Wrap
100% 3k carbon core with fiber glass wrap

Blade Coating
Matte finish

Average Weight (gm)

Actual length

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