Hockeyklubba CCM Jetspeed Pro2 Grip Sr.

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999,00 kr

1 699,00 kr


999,00 kr

1 699,00 kr


Kick Point
Hybrid kickpoint. Hinge effect from new kick point concentrates loading zone to deliver blend of speed and response.

JS 4 blade, Lightweight blade with proprietary damped core and reinforced heel/toe area offers heightened puck feel. Tactile blade surface delivers heightened puck feel.

Shaft Design
Jetspeed shaft with double-concave dimensions. R-geometry offers rounder corners, concave sides and streamlined shape from top to bottom for an ultra-comfortable, high-performance stick.

Shaft Technology
X-Flow Technology. An advanced molding technology that eliminates excess resin and voids for improved shaft quality, consistency and durability while reducing the overall weight of the stick.

C6 blade and shaft. A carbon fiber weave that provides remarkable overall stiffness  and strength for added durability on the shaft and blade. 

75 Flex - 85 Flex  - 60"

95 Flex - 62"

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