For 2018, Warrior has brought out the QR Edge gloves, which continues their trend of making a mobile and lightweight glove. The Warrior Covert QR Edge Senior Gloves reduce weight while increasing mobility by adding key protective and durability upgrades, which ultimately result in a glove that moves as a natural extension of your hand.

Warrior’s Covert QR Edge gloves will offer the Covert Taper Fit which will contour to the natural shape of your hand. Adding to the mobile feel, the Covert QR Edge will have AXYFlex cuff and thumb designs. Also, the Axis Flex thumb from the QRL gloves has been enhanced for better mobility, and dexterity, and is also extended through the fingers as well. The AXYFlex cuff moves naturally with the player’s wrist which will provide pro level protection without hindering any mobility. This pro level protection will not just be featured in the cuff, but throughout the glove with Warrior’s EXO Protect foam. This extremely lightweight foam, with added shield inserts, will absorb large impacts during gameplay.

Adding to the game ready feel is Warriors SmartPalm + with Gator Skin Palm Overlay. The SmartPalm + offers unmatched feel for better control, while the overlay will add durability and abrasion reinforcement without sacrificing any of the feel in the palm. Lycra gussets along with Warrior’s stretch backhand will give these gloves that soft natural feel right off the shelf.

The QR Edge Senior will feature the Wartech FNC liner which offers unmatched breathability gloves to stay cool and dry throughout play. Powered by Polygiene, this liner will help wick away moisture to keep them clean and fresh throughout the life of the glove.

If you are an elite player looking for unmatched mobility and feel, then look at the Warrior Covert QR Edge Senior Hockey Gloves.

Quick Release
Effortless mobility in an anatomical protection package built to play hard. Whether its puck control, slash protection or shooting accuracy. Covert gloves have the perfect blend of fit and performance features.

Covert Taper Fit
The glove contours to the natural shape of your wrist and hand to maximize mobility and protection.

AxyFlex Cuff
Ultimate wrist mobile freedom when stick handling and shoot all the while offering full slash protection.

AxyFlex Thumb
Mobility and dexterity through the hand and fingers is enhanced with the Axis Flex Thumb and foam mesh gussets.

Butter Soft Feel
Responsive Lycra gussets, AXI- Flex Thumb and our anatomical stretch backhand give Covert gloves a noticeable snappy, game ready feel right off the shelf.

Exo Protect Foam
Extremely lightweight blend of first class foam protection combined with shield inserts that absorb big impacts.

Integrates with entire glove providing a mix of feel and durability only in the areas you need it.

Gatorskin Palm Overlay
An abrasion reinforcement that slows wear and tear without sacrificing a soft touch feel.

WarTech FNC Liner
Powered by Polygiene so you are always cool, dry and odor free – the very best gloves stay Fresh and Clean

13" - 15"

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13" 30 - 33
14" 33 - 36
15" 36 - 38
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10" 22 - 25
11" 25 - 28
12" 28 - 30
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