Armbågsskydd Warrior Alpha DX3 Jr.

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299,00 kr

499,00 kr

Brand new for the 2019-2020 season are the Warrior Alpha DX3 Junior Elbow Pads! These high-level pads were designed to give players superior mobility, fit, and protection! With a few key advancements, the Alpha DX3 Elbow Pads are some of the most advanced on the market!

The Alpha DX3 Elbow Pads now feature a brand-new three-piece design! This design allows for natural movements and maximum dexterity of the elbow! In short, these will have less of a bulky feel, and more of an anatomical fit and feel, which improves performance during shooting, stickhandling, and passing.

The premium protection in the Alpha DX3 Elbow Pads consist of molded plastic inserts within the forearm and bicep area! This setup is lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring that players do not have restricted feel without having to sacrifice the elite-level protection. Paired with this is Warrior’s compression-molded EVA foam throughout the entirety. Their unique Shell Skin Texture has been added into high-impact areas, like the forearms, to help disperse the force of direct impacts such as stick checks and pucks!

Holding everything together is Warrior’s premium strapping system. This strapping is versatile and comfortable, providing a secure fit into the elbow pocket.

To round everything out, the Alpha DX3 Elbow Pads feature Warrior’s Strike Yellow liner, helping keep players dry and comfortable all game long!

If you are a high-level player looking for a pair of elbow pads that excels in fit and mobility, without sacrificing protection, look no further than the Warrior Alpha DX3 Junior Elbow Pads!

Quick Strike
Equipment designed for superior fit, protection and mobility.

New three-piece design allowing for natural movement and maximum dexterity of the elbow. 

Premium Protection
Dual-Density foams built into slash and bicep guards to protect against impacts. 

Premium Straps 
Versatile and comfortable straps offer a secure fit into the elbow pocket. 

The Strike yellow liner keeps you dry and clean .


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Storlek Längd Längd (cm)
X-Small 5'0" - 5'6" 152 - 165
Small 5'3" - 5'9" 163 - 175
Medium 5'6" - 6'0" 168 - 183
Large 5'9" - 6'2" 175 - 188
Storlek Längd Längd (cm)
Small 4'3" - 4'9" 129 - 145
Medium 4'6" - 5'0" 137 - 152
Large 4'9" - 5'3" 145 - 160
Storlek Längd Längd (cm)
Small/Medium 3'3" - 4'1" 99 - 124
Large/X-Large 3'8" - 4'5" 111 - 135

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